Are you looking to lose weight, gain strong muscle and avoid doctors?

Then the paleo movement could be for you.

What is the paleo diet?

The paleo diet is basically an eating “plan” formulated around foods and nutrients that our bodies are best suited towards consuming. This may sound a little vague, but in reality the diet promotes a simple set of eating rules which are easy to follow. However, because some of the foods which aren’t encouraged when following a paleo style diet are so engrained in modern man’s minds, it can take some time and effort to make the necessary changes. Don’t fret though, paleomunch.com is your ideal resource for discovering what it takes to “go paleo” and I’m certain that after reading some articles here and perhaps grabbing your copy of the free fast start guide you’ll be hooked and want to really align your lifestyle with paleo and primal eating principles.

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How can a paleo/primal lifestyle benefit me?

If you’ve battled to lose weight no matter what steps you’ve taken, struggled to put on usable, lean muscle mass or constantly feel like you’re bouncing in and out of doctor’s rooms, then keep reading. Many modern illnesses are agitated and often caused by the foods we eat. It may sound over-simplified, but you really are what you eat.

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Many many years ago, our ancestors would forage for food, relying on vegetables and meat as their main food groups. Fruit was a delicacy and interestingly enough our bodies actually treat it as such, more on that later on. Almost everyone knows that vegetables and healthy meats should be part of a well balanced diet, but nobody is told that what the real problem foods in their diets are.

Ladies and gentlemen, the real enemy is not fat.

Grains are. The whole-grain breads you are encouraged to eat are actually one of the least nutritious, problem causing foods available. Why? Because they contain substances which agitate our bodies in many ways and can promote massive amounts of intestinal (as well as other) inflammation.

Think about it…

Our ancestors wouldn’t have made bread, and so our digestive systems haven’t evolved to adequately digest it. The main offender in grains is gluten, if you haven’t heard of gluten before, take a read through this article, it will help you understand exactly why it is such a hard substance for our bodies to deal with. Unfortunately, the offending foods don’t just stop with grains and gluten. There are myriad of foods which are bad for us, and sadly, many of them we’ve been told are actually healthy foods to be eaten frequently. 

This website’s purpose

Paleomunch.com is a website about learning what it takes to eat for the body. The paleo diet has changed many people’s lives, and in my opinion is the best way to eat. When reading through the articles on this site, please take the time to think about what you learn and how it could be actioned in your own life. At the end of the day, health is about getting healthy, and getting healthy doesn’t just happen. You have to take action and make the changes necessary in your life. Everything you need is available on the site and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you are ready to to take the next step, please subscribe (and in doing so receive your free copy of the 7 Paleo Concepts Course), or go ahead and check out my book.