Custom Paleo Meal plans

What are the benefits of getting me to design a paleo meal plan for you?

  • No fuss meal planning. Know what you are going to have to buy in order to eat delicious paleo meals. Don’t get caught with an empty fridge again! 
  • Take the thinking out of losing weight through diet. Let me do the hard work and build an effective weight loss program custom designed for your specific needs. Don’t like eating lots of eggs or broccoli? No problem, there is a paleo solution for everyone…
  • No strict structure. Look, we both know that following a traditional meal plan is boring and monotonous. Boring and monotonous = no commitment and no commitment = failure. Failure is not an option as your plan is dynamic and can be used as a guide for more than just day to day meal planning. Soon you’ll be excited about your upcoming meals!
  • Learn to cook delicious meals. Your meal plan will serve as a learning tool which can be referenced over and over again. Become a paleo cooking pro!
  • Convenient. I’ll send you a spreadsheet containing all the information you need to effectively get paleo right from day one
  • Long term. I won’t just send you one meal plan and forget about. I love building lasting relationships with people and so I’ll review and calibrate your meal plan three times over three months. That means that over three months we’ll optimise your diet so that you get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. *Custom meal plan only.

If you are interested in letting me help you, please select one of the two options below. 

Please note: I’ve had quite a few people ask about how the meal plans are delivered. After purchase, you will receive an electronic copy of your meal plan in spreadsheet format.

For the custom meal plan, you will be asked to fill in a web form that will tell me more about you so that we can ensure you get the maximum results.


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