Paleo High Protein Diet Menu

There is no doubt that the paleo diet is of a higher protein focus than other diets. This is largely due to the understanding that our ancestors would have had more access to meats than they would have other food groups. Take for example a caveman roaming the plains in winter. He wouldn’t come across much vegetation, but he would probably come across a fallen animal that had either been killed by something or died from the cold.

While this theory is exactly that, a theory, it really does make sense. After all, there is a reason we have canines. We are omnivores, and we should eat as such.

All of this is of course excluding the fact that most people are notoriously protein deficient. I for one battle to make my protein quota everyday. I have to eat lots more meat just to get my recommended amount of protein every day. This is a great place to mention how supplements can be used to help meat this intake requirement  .

How To Build A High Protein Diet Menu

To create a high protein diet menu for yourself, you should incorporate meals which are naturally high in protein,  this would then have to include meats. Because legumes are banned from the paleo diet, they just wont do, which is unfortunate as there is some easy protein to be had by eating them.

Here are some ideas to add to your daily high protien paleo diet, I’ve grouped them by breakfast, lunch and dinner, so use them as you wish. I for one am not unknown to eat eggs and bacon for dinner!


Paleo High Protein Breakfast

If you like eggs, eat eggs. Eat lots of eggs! Don’t heed to much to the “common knowledge” that eggs are apparently high in cholesterol. The sheer amount of goodness in even one egg outweighs the “bad” properties of them in all areas. Eggs really are fantastic foods. Check out my post on my quick paleo high protein breakfast, add it to your daily menu! You’ll like it…

Here are some simple meals you can add to your menu:

  • Paleo Breakfast Smoothies: These  can be made super high protein by breaking in some eggs or mixing in some high quality protein powder. Just make sure that you know the source of the protein in the powder to ensure that they are of a paleo friendly source.  If you have any veggies from the previous night’s dinner, You should add them in here. Just put all the stuff together in a blender and presto, high protein breakfast!
  • Egg Frittata: Similar to my quick paleo breakfast idea, frittata’s are very simple foods in their assembly and ingredients. They mainly consist of eggs and vegetables. Cheese is often used, but not for us! Cheese is ok every now and then, but it isn’t strictly allowed. Use three eggs for protein load, and heaps of veggies for some caloric value. This is my  favorite  breakfast at the moment.  
  • Paleo Pancakces: These may not seem that high protein at first, but if you add some sort of protein powder to the mixture you’ll make them a fun, high protein alternative high protein breakfast.

Paleo High Protein Lunch

So what’s for lunch? Protein! Well, I wouldn’t recommend just eating protein. A balanced diet is recommended, even for cavemen. The biggest challenge here is to get enough protein easily. While a steak isn’t tangible everyday, something like tuna is because of its convenience.

  • Tuna And Vegetables: Tuna and vegetables is one my  favorite  foods to take to work. It’s easy, cheap, high protein, super paleo  and fresh. I like to buy bags of fresh videos and use my microwave steamer to cook them. Just add a tin of tuna and you’ve got a great meal.
  • Paleo Egg, Tuna and Vegetables: Same as above really, but with the added nutrition of eggs. You may want to pre-cook this if you like, just because I don’t know, or haven’t found a system of cooking eggs at work yet.
  • Leftovers: This may seem obvious, but it really isn’t to a lot of people. Leftovers usually just go to waste. Stop being lazy and bring that extra food to work, or even better, plan for leftovers and save some money!

Paleo High Protein Dinner

Mmm, dinner. Who doesn’t like dinner? Dinner is delicious! Dinner is perhaps, next to breakfast because of the awesomeness of eggs,  dinner is the easiest meal of the day to ensure high protein meals.

  • Steak, Mushrooms and Vegetables:  Rump, mushrooms and vegetables go so well together. I like rump steaks because you can cook them just right to be perfectly tender and buttery smooth. Mmm. Cook more here and take some to work to be the envy of your colleagues.
  • Pork and Vegetable Casserole: Pork is cheap and lean, it’s really a great meat that many people don’t eat because of old fashioned values. You can get bulk pork steaks for relatively cheap prices, cook up a batch of them in a paleo casserole. Or better yet, cook them in a slow cooker/crock pot!
  • Paleo Chicken Salad: I’m a sucker for  a massive chicken salad. Obviously no croutons allowed, although I don’t see how they’d add anything to the salad anyway. Even on my cheat days I stay away from bread. I like to grill my own chicken breasts an server on a bed of cos lettuce, fresh salad ingredients and I never season my salad. No salad dressing!

And there you have a great, simple and easy to action paleo high protein diet menu. I hope you are able to apply it to your life and lifestyle, and hopefully you can get some other people to benefit from you eating like a caveman!

As always,

Keep well,


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