6 Reasons The Paleo Diet Is Healthy

Is The Paleo Diet Healthy?

So what constitutes effective diet plans?

Diets, fad-diets, dieting, crash-diets…

We’ve all heard them before, and we’ve all rolled our eyes.Is The Paleo Diet Healthy?

The paleo diet is different… and here’s why:

The Paleo Diet is Healthy Because…

1: Large Amounts Of Nutrients

The paleo diet, when followed correctly can supply your body with everything it needs to keep running, and running well. The diet contains lots of fiber rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables which when eaten in relatively large amounts, paleo-diet style, you keep your digestive system clean and healthy. With a focus on protein and generally low carb foods, the paleo diet promotes lean muscle growth and sustained fat loss. Generally speaking, the paleo diet lets you lose fat passively. Even while you are sitting in your chair at the office your body is burning up all that excess fat you’ve accumulated over the years.

2: It’s simple, easy and is an effective diet plan

Eating paleo doesn’t require lavish meals or expensive ingredients. For the most part, you can feed yourself on the bare minimum. Hungry? Get yourself a bag of steam-to-cook vegetables and add some tuna. Done. It’s that simple. While you should diversify in what you eat, for the most part, weight loss occurs when you repeat-eat one meal over and over again. This may sound boring, but it makes sense once you try it. You can make seemingly mundane meals exciting by adding relishes to them that accord to the paleo diet.

3: the diet naturally avoids “fast foods”

If you are following the paleo diet, you will naturally veer away from fast foods not only because they are a terrible form of nourishment, but because they are not allowed to be eaten according to the paleo paradigm. This equates to more fatloss. Because you won’t be eating foods like bread, rice and corn, you will naturally lose weight and feel better and less congested. Also, if you are gluten intolerant the paleo diet is by default a very effective diet plan. GLuten is found in more foods than you might realise, bread being the biggest offender.

4: You can eat whatever you want

Yup, as long as it’s on the paleo foods list, you can eat whatever you like, and with the exception of nuts, as much as you like  as well. There is evidence that protein binging boosts testosterone and makes you overall healthier, so eat heaps of steak for a binge weekend and see how it makes you feel. I’ve tried it, and my testosterone sky rocketed. I routinely eat 2-3 eggs for breakfast, mixed with some spinach and a relish of some sort and I feel amazing afterwards.  Give it a shot, eat as much as you like of good food, and your body will react in a very positive way.

5: you change your outlook on not only food, but on life

By adopting a new ideology, in this case a new way of feeding yourself, the changes ripple through your life. Instead of trying to change the colour of a tree’s leaves individually, you are going right to the roots  and initiating change there. That change is felt, almost automatically  by the rest of the tree. So by changing your eating, are changing your whole life. You must engage the change head-on, make it something concrete and let it help you become healthy, strong and motivated. You will find that as you internalise the change on a basic level, you start applying changes to other areas of your life on a similar level of intensity.

6: Once you have made the change, it is easier to continue on with the paleo diet than other diets

While the temptation to fall back to old eating norms which include bad food such as bread and grains, once you realise what those bad foods do to your body, you will naturally turn away from old temptations. That’s all that bad foods will become, old temptations. You’ll find that once you have found an effective meal that you enjoy, which keeps you full and is easy and cost effective to make, that you will stick with that diet. I routinely eat the same meal, sometimes multiple times per day.  This makes the diet predictable, easy and allows you to observe and track results.

Is The Paleo Diet Safe?


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