Guest Post: Why I Chose a Raw Food Diet

Why I Chose Raw Food Diet

Food is integral for living that is why it is one of our very basic needs. But what if food started to control you instead of the other way around? It’s hard to admit that I am one of those who were enslaved by food which really contributed to my then unhealthy lifestyle. For over a decade now I let my hunger pangs and food cravings rule over me. And this decade long ‘love affair’ with unhealthy food led me to become overweight to the point of being almost obese. I was very heavy back then and this really affected my life in all its aspects. I became more sedentary and had a hard time keeping up with regular exercise activity; even a leisurely walk would tire me so easily. And because of my excess ‘baggage’ (weight) I resorted to being introverted. There were a lot of times that I had to say no to parties and most social gatherings and what’s really harder to admit is that I am starting to lose my self-esteem and self-confidence.

Living this way for quite some time can really bring a toll on my body. I started complaining about muscle aches, joint pains and other sorts of pains. I even had difficulty standing up, can’t no longer play some rough house with the kids. Even the simple act of going down and up a flight of stairs in our home had become a tedious task. I spent countless unproductive hours in front of the TV munching my favorite large pack of chips with a few liters of soda- this was my usual daily routine. Instead of spending quality bonding moment with my kids I’d rather sit and pass the time stuffing myself with junk foods. No wonder that my blood pressure was on an all-time high so thus my sugar blood level. On one occasion that I have to visit my doctor he had prescribed me some meds for my high blood pressure and strongly advised me to eat sensibly and cut down on my calorie intake and have some regular light exercises to reduce my chances of developing a heart disease and diabetes. With history of diabetes in the family I am a most likely to acquire this debilitating disease and that really hit me so hard right on the face. I lost my grandmother from diabetes when I was a child and she was quite young to perish just like that. I love my family and I have to do something about my unhealthy lifestyle and start a new lease on life. And that led me to think to change my diet for the better as my start to living healthy.

I read in some health magazine about Raw Food Diet, and immediately had a eureka moment. I started researching more about it and realized that I had nothing to lose but more good to gain in trying out this ideal diet plan. Raw food diet is basically simple, easy to follow and most of all it will not starve you like most diets around. I started eating unprocessed food, dried and fresh vegetables and fruits, freshly squeezed juices, and what amazes me it satisfied my hunger as well as my taste buds. I began with a 5 day diet plan which was very perfect in eliminating all the accumulated toxins within my body through years of eating abusively. There were even delicious recipes that I easily prepared at home- meal planning was very easy.

raw food diet
Certain foods such as broccoli should be cooked before being eaten as they are notoriously difficult to eat in raw form…

Within my second day of following the 5 day Raw Food diet plan I immediately felt some improvements. I have slowly gained back my energy and begun to feel lighter with each passing day. In the duration of Raw food diet I started to get back to exercising and began to appreciate what it is to be healthy again. And after finishing this amazing Raw food diet I noticed a sudden weight loss in terms of inches off my tummy and waist and felt that I am doing only the right thing. Raw food diet literally saved my life and my relationship with my family and kids are a lot better than ever before. I now have the energy to enjoy life and I regularly incorporate this effective Raw food diet plan as part of my improved lifestyle. There were a lot of changes and as far I am concerned these changes are for the better.

Eating more raw foods is now part of my daily meals and I intend to keep it that way knowing that I have an edge on living healthy. And for those of you who are into unhealthy lifestyle you should give this diet a try and see effective results immediately. It is a commitment to myself and I am very happy about the results that I had achieved and I am looking forward to more fruitful years ahead.

Michelle is a writer for My Food, a specialist in the raw food diet among others.

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