How To Increase Testosterone Naturally

What is required to naturally increase your testosterone?

Testosterone is a naturally occurring, vital hormone occurring in mammals. In humans, it is responsible for maintaining levels of sex drive, muscle hypertrophy and the maintenance of bone strength and density. Testosterone is produced for the most part in the testicles of men and the ovaries of women. It is to a lesser degree produced in the adrenal glands.

Men produce around ten times the amount women do, but women are more sensitive to the effects it has on the body.

So how do I increase the amount of testosterone available to my body naturally?

We want more of this guy in our bodies…


Focus on controlling your cortisol levels

Cortisol is a hormone which is in some ways the opposite of testosterone. It is released when the body is stressed, sleep deprivation and overtraining (chronic cardio). It is important to not string yourself too tight, take it easy, relax when you can. Cortisol reduces free testosterone levels in the body. 

Expose yourself to the sun or supplement for vitamin D

It is imperative that you get enough vitamin D everyday, either by natural means or through supplementation. The body requires vitamin d for many different functions, and you guessed it, helps with the increase of testosterone in men. This article covers this relationship quite well.

So get outside in the sun tomorrow morning and enjoy that cup of coffee with your shirt off.

Lift heavy objects, primal style

Squats and exercises like dead lifts are your friends. They both promote testosterone production and so you should either start lifting heavy things or add one of these workouts to your exercise program.

I like to do squats and move objects around which require maximum muscle engagement. There is also some evidence that resting for 90 seconds between workouts can increase testosterone production the most. A 60 second break, by comparison, will increase growth hormone release the most.

Lifting heavy weights boosts testosterone

Try some sprinting on the lawn

Sprinting is a miraculous form of exercise. I have yet to survive a solid, high effort sprinting session without feeling pretty tired afterwards. All you need, and read closely, is a six second burst of sprinting. That is probably the easiest way of increasing your testosterone count.

Try to sprint once a week. Perhaps schedule a short sprinting session on your off day from weight training. Works for me!

Be sure to eat clean, high quality animal products only

Traditionally fed (grain fed) animals produce poor quality fat and dairy. If you are eating animal products (which you should be) then you should try and eat only those sourced from grass fed animals. We want to avoid dioxins as much as possible (especially for men, because they interfere with our reproductive system).

And on that note, you should be eating lots of saturated and monounsaturated fat…

Simply put, low-fat diets matched with the typical, grain filled “fiber” diets demote the production of testosterone. Conversely, high fat diets show an increase in testosterone production. Try to make sure that the fat you eat is of the highest available quality. Again, grass fed is best. Try and get a table spoon of coconut oil or olive oil down the gullet everyday as well.

Cut out sugar/carbohydrates

Foods which require the body to release insulin in order to control elevated blood sugar levels negatively affect our bodies testosterone production. Keep in mind that most people who don’t eat according the a paleo style eating plan probably eat a fair amount of carbohydrates in the form of grains. Grains, specifically processed grains like pasta and bread convert into glucose very quickly once eaten.

Supplement for zinc

Zinc occurs naturally shellfish, but if you can’t eat the stuff or have an allergy then you should take zinc supplements. This is more of a cover your bases step, but will still result in an increase in testosterone.

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