The Importance Of Finding A Good Paleo Diet Guide

Lately I’ve encountered quite a bit of questioning and in some cases, interrogation when it comes to the paleo diet and why I follow it so proudly. Most of the time people are intrigued by what it means to live free from grains, low quality food and sugar. I find it interesting how so many people focus on what it the paleo diet excludes when it comes to food choices, rather than asking about what the diet actually does for a person.

Often, enlightening people to the benefits of the paleo diet results in them becoming genuinely interested and eager to learn. Others seem to view good health filled with easy weight control, no illness and solid muscle gains as something utopian and out of reach.

This is obviously as far from the truth as possible. A simple Google will result in many, many paleo success stories. Some people have overcome serious illness and diseases and others have lost tons of excess body weight. The beuty of the paleo diet and the primal movement is that the course that these people have followed is available to all. You don’t have to be a special case to benefit from the paleo diet. Even underweight, unhealthy hardcore vegans have recovered their health by following the simple core concepts of the paleo diet.

paleo diet guide
We should all be aiming to learn and teach at the same time

The importance of having a good paleo diet guide at hand…

There are many guides out there on how to eat according to the paleo diet. Each one might be “sold” to you at a different angle, although they will probably be quite similar. While the fundamentals of paleo are easy for anyone to grasp if taught correctly, the nitty-gritty information that you need to really make the changes stick require something more. I’ve found that the more I speak to people about paleo, the more I realise that once you’ve crossed over into this magical, fat-filled world of health and massive energy you forget just how far behind (that sounds really harsh) some people are in their dietary evolution.

For most newbies to the diet, I find that they are still shocked at the fact that a diet exists where there is no allowance for grains of any kind. I’ve ranted on before about how grains are so, excuse me, ingrained into our society. It seems that even the doctors are prescribing people with conditions instigated by poor nutrition bread and legumes as go to meal bases. Not cool, society, not cool at all.

It is for this reason that I actually started writing How To Paleo. I wanted to be able to give people unfamiliar with the paleo diet who already had some sense of “health” a  great guide on how to correctly apply paleo principles to their lives. If you are going to offer advice to people, it should be of a high quality and should be usable by other people. 

If you’ve got friends who are paleo and are loving it and have had some good success, I encourage you to pick their brains about what makes the diet so great for them. What about the paleo lifestyle is it that gets them so committed to health and taking hold of the condition of their bodies. It is these sorts of people who will teach you more about what it is like to live a primal existence than anyone else will, online or otherwise.

Finding great resources online is also very important. I’ve yet to see some explicite paleo focused books in book stores, but then again, I’m rarely actually in book stores in the first place. My point is that you are probably going to find some of the best information on the Internet, and there are some really great sources available. is one of my favourites, as well as the cavemanforum and of course Mark Sisson’s very own forum.

Each of those three resources has taught me an immense amount about paleo and learning from others. Some people talk about paleo on a real holistic level, where others will go in to the most minute details imaginable.

Everyone who has experience in something can teach others about it.

Please excuse the perhaps ranty nature of this post, but I’ve been thinking about it’s topic for quite some time and just in the past few days I’ve had multiple conversations where my words had a resounding “Ah, that’s interesting” moment with people.

Keep paleo, and pass on your awesome knowledge to others!


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