Simple Psychology To Keep Yourself Honest

How do you maintain your paleo momentum?

Let’s not beat around the bush here, paleo is not the easiest diet to stick to. I won’t “cave” in to all the anti-paleo naysayers who claim that it is an unsustainable way of eating because I’ve disproved them in my own experience on the diet (er, way of life?).

It isn’t that paleo is difficult, nor is it that the foods we love to eat are hard to come by (for the most part, anyway), its that it requires effort. 

Perhaps that’s what it all comes down to at the end of the day. If you are going to succeed with a paleo lifestyle, you have to give it some stick. You have to change the depress the clutch pedal, shift gears and step on the gas. There aren’t any paleo fast food restaurants (that I know of), it’s all gourmet goodness. 

Why wouldn’t you want to eat well everyday, with just a little effort? In 6 months time after you have converted to a fat burning grade A example of the human species, could you honestly say you wanted  to not eat according to a paleo way of life?

I could near guarantee not.

I believe that finding what works for your body is that powerful. It isn’t that you “know what to eat to lose weight”, or that you find that exercising while playing is more effective then just throwing some weights around in the gym. It’s about embodying something that you know is right. Something that works for everyone in much the same way. Your playground is a place where diabetes is banished and insidious fat gain is a by gone.

Think about that next time you are in the chocolate aisle at your local supermarket. Which brings me to the crux of this article.

How do you maintain your paleo momentum in the face of temptation?

Well firstly I think it’s important for you to understand that the foods you feel so tempted by really isn’t food. It’s poison. 

Even so, what’s one bite of a doughnut? Oh, wait… that one bite led to five more and now you’re eyeballing the next one in the box you just bought. Again, most of what isn’t paleo simply isn’t real food. 

So how do you use simple psychological tricks to make powerful, resonating and long lasting decisions on demand and in the moment?

Guilt, that’s how…


Now we both know that just saying that doesn’t really put a positive idea in the mind. Guilt is a negative word, it implies bad things, such as crime and deceit. 

Put the brakes on there and slow down. That’s not the direction I’m going in at all.

I’d like you to take a moment and reframe guilt. Try to think of it as an empowering tool that you call upon in your moment of need. Guilt, to the rescue…

Use guilt as a projector. Think of it like a pair of glasses you put on when you make decisions. Each food item you view through these glasses presents you with a timeline of how eating that food affects your life. How is that for a polariser, right?

Think about it, applying this technique while casually ogling some freshly baked, fluffy doughnuts produces a sharp and clear image of fat gain and long term, insulin issues…

However, glancing over a prime cut of steak or some delicious, fresh vegetables shows a wonderfully peaceful life of health and longevity.

Guilt allows you to make the right choices pre-emptively. It’s almost as though you are empathising with your future, overweight self and realising just how simple and easy it is to avoid ending up being unable to join your kid’s on their first bike ride. Powerful stuff. 

Yes, yes…

I know some of you may think that this is a little dramatic seeing as though we really are only talking about food. 

Well, we aren’t. We are talking about health, living long and living strong. Being healthy for our kids. Being able to see the world for the next 50 years. It’s about enjoying your human machine.

So get out there, feel guilty, and then make the right decision when it comes to what you feed yourselves and your family.

It’s surprisingly easy to keep this box empty…

Keep well!


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