Losing Weight On The Paleo Diet


How to begin losing weight on the paleo diet…

Losing weight on the paleo diet starts with the realisation that what you have been told works for weight loss, doesn’t. 

The paleo diet works so well because it is so simple. It doesn’t require any crazy rituals to be done or any weird exercises only fit to be done behind closed doors. It is an open, relative and time tested methodology for ensuring the highest possible health in a person. If we approach weight loss from a conventional perspective, we are told to exercise more, eat less calories and eat lots of foods such as fruit and whole grains.

Paleo doesn’t approach weight loss in this way. While exercise and nutrition are some of the corner stones of the paleo diet, the approach advised is somewhat different and actually very natural.


Paleo weight loss through food choices

No artificial or modified foods

Food should be clean and natural, or as close to its natural state as possible. If the foods you eat have been processed to within in an inch of their original form, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that they will not provide a good level of nutrients for your body. Artificial foods such as chemicals used as preservatives can wreak havoc with the body. They promote inflammation, mess around with hormone levels and in some cases are actually toxins. Again, it is pretty obvious that these substances weren’t invented with their nutritional content in mind, so why put your body through the agony of consuming them? 

Remove foods which are made out of grains

Grains and grain based foods contain gluten which is a  protein responsible for inflaming the intestines. This inflammation spreads throughout the body and ultimately contributes to conditions such as Crohn’s disease and gout. Grains are also generally linked to foods which are of a high carbohydrate value. This brings us to our next step…

Eat less carbohydrates

Eating less carbohydrates benefits the body by way of reducing the body’s conversion of food into glucose and ultimately fat. High carbohydrate meals require lots of insulin to be released into the blood to deal with the related blood sugar spike. This constant spiking ends up with a person developing insulin resistance and carbohydrate intolerence. Both very real conditions that can be easily rectified by removing or reducing carbohydrates (and especially grain based, low quality carbohydrates) in the diet.

Increase fat intake… yes, fat…

Fat is used for many essential bodily functions. Cell membrane building and repair, proper brain function and as an excellent and preferred source of energy in the body. As the body becomes more and more adept at using fat for energy, the body begins to become more efficient at using it’s already stored fat for energy and so losing weight on the paleo diet becomes automatic. 


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