Paleo Weight Loss

How paleo causes weight loss


The paleo diet is a diet based on the foods and food groups our ancestors would have eaten around 10, 000 years ago.

Why 10,000 years? Because this was around the time when humans began to dabble with agriculture and the farming of grains and other foods. Not surprisingly, it was around this time that human’s intake of grains and grain based foods such as bread consumption began to skyrocket.

Unfortunately, the human body’s rate of adaptation to new environments is not as fast as our development of technology, and has largely been left behind, forced to pay catch-up or just make do with what is thrown at it. Sadly, this mass adoption of grains and grain based foods meant that our bodies are constantly being forced to process food it never evolved to deal with. The problems don’t start and end with grains, however. As society advances, more and more of what we are told to eat is processed and modified. Crops are treated with chemicals and poisons to keep production high, but ultimately damage the quality of produce.

It is through the continued consumption of low quality, modified and nutrient sparse foods that we have become obese, sick and fragile. The human body wants to survive, but we can’t expect it to be healthy while we force feed it fuels it was never designed to run on.

Enter the paleo diet

The paleo diet is simple, easy to follow diet code where the focus on the nutrition content of foods. There are no grains, no processed foods and as little “off-the-shelf” foods included in it’s principles. The goal is to encourage the development of a body which is as close to the default genetic template as possible. We can achieve this proper nutrition, exercise and stimulus that our bodies understand. Once all the base level building blocks are in place, weight loss becomes automatic, muscle gains effortless and doctors a thing of the past.


Losing weight with paleo

The paleo diet encourages weight loss through the careful selection and construction of meals which are nutrient dense and contain foods in as a pure a form as possible. It is the learning of which foods contain the highest amounts of nutrients, lowest amount of toxins and finding out exactly what does what in the body that makes paleo followers to effective at cutting down body fat. Carbohydrates are for many paleo followers enemy number one. For one, the paleo diet promotes automatic, healthy fat loss through simple changes that you can start making right now.

These changes promote effective, simple weight loss that ensure those extra pounds stay off for good. The procedure is fairly simple; cut the carbs, lose the fat. It is understanding how to stay healthy that is the trick. The paleo diet aims to help anyone, no matter what the body type, level of motivation or understanding of nutrition lose weight, get healthy and avoid illness. If you are interested in learning exactly how you can lose weight starting today then why not signup for a free 7 mail course on exactly what to do and why. Each mail contains a single step that will ensure lasting change in your life. Go on, enter your mail and signup now.