Paleo Crock Pot Cooking: Why A Crock Pot Should Be In Your Kitchen…

Paleo Crock Pot Recipes? What is a crock pot?  

Basically, a crock pot is a pot which is used to cook food which doesn’t require immense temperature. It’s basically a large pot which is heated by an electric element and made to maintain  relatively  low temperature for extended periods of time.


So the picture above is of a really good looking meal that has been cooking away in a crock pot. It’s great for making recipes just like the one, a really healthy chicken crock pot recipe.  

So what happens when apply paleo diet principles to crock pot recipes? Well, you get great, nutrient rich easy to eat meals. What is great about crock pots, and there other name slow cookers, is that they cook away on their own and don’t require much maintenance. You can just prepare all the ingredients and drop them in the pot, switch on the heat, and let the magic happen. A crock pot is really when you think of it a really small oven. It doesn’t take up much space though and the heating is very controlled with little fluctuation. This means that you can cook all the food in the pot at a similar heat level. Great for stews!

I’ve had a look around the web a bit for paleo certified crock pot/slow cooker recipes. While I haven’t actually got a crock pot myself, my girlfriend does, and she uses it often. Hers is of the electric kind and works great for soups and things which require less heat than the ones you actually place in the oven.

Paleo Crock Pot Recipe: My Girlfriends Awesome Chicken And Broccoli Soup

I imagine a crock pot as being a cooking tool you could use for almost anything. Look, I’m not saying cook steak in one, but you could easily roast an entire chicken in one. The great thing about the crock pot is that heat is directed at the food being cooked from all over. Oven’s do do this too, but I think a crock pot would be better used for food needing more controlled cooking.

Paleo Hearty Chicken and Broccoli Soup

My girlfriend and I have made this dish many times, and her slow cooker/crock pot is perfect for the task. All you need to do is the following:

  • Get some chicken, we like to get either an whole chicken, chicken pieces or if you aren’t into bones chicken breasts are good too!
  • Lots of broccoli. You have to get carbohydrates from somewhere, and calories don’t just magically apear.
  • Celery, this is a key ingredient. You MUST have celery.
  • Salt, you don’t need to add much as the celery seems to help with the flavour of the meal.
  • Some sort of stock. I’d recommend steering clear of the pre-made stuff, make your own stock and reap the nutritional rewards.
Cooking procedure:
  • Ultimately, this is super simple.
  • Add everything together in the crock pot, put it on a medium heat setting and let it cook for around 2 hours. At some point you will start to smell all the goodness going on inside the crock pot.  
  • Serve hot, enjoy!
Optional extras:
  • Try and add mushrooms and onions to the recipe and see how it changes.
And there you go, a simple but wholesome crock pot recipe for you to try whenever you feel like. Perhaps on the weekend for your family? Or if you are planning your week’s food for work, just get some plastic containers and fill them up with soup after you’ve had your share.
As always,
Embrace your inner caveman.


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