Milk Allergy: How The Paleo Diet Can Help You

First and foremost, the simplest way of explaining why the paleo diet can help a milk allergy is that it simply removes the food entirely. 

This may seem like a pretty pointless article taking that into account, but think about it: If the paleo diet removes milk entirely it, could it be the diet for you?


Firstly, lets take a look at why milk can cause allergic reactions in people

Milk contains casein, which is quite a terrible substance all on its own. It is closely related to the protein gluten, which is found in grains, and if you are at all familiar with the paleo diet you will most certainly be aware that grains are a strict no-no. Gluten, and similarly casein, acts on the intestines in undesirable ways. When casein and gluten are ingested they can damage the intestinal walls and subsequently allow foreign compounds into the bloodstream, such as gluten and casein. This is obviously bad for business…

Unfortunately once this “intestinal hull breach” has occured, other proteins can enter and cause havoc.

Another offender in milk’s arsenal is lactose. This is milk’s sugar part, and lactose intolerance is one of humanity’s widest spread ailments. Research has for years pointed to milk as being both a good and bad food because of its nutrition (think baby cow food), and its bad attributes. We lose the ability to properly digest lactose at around age four. This is due to our body’s radical reduction in the production of lactose digesting enzymes because of gene expression.

Lactose can cause a heap of side effects in the body, and if you experience any weird feelings after drinking milk you can bet it’s the lactose causing them. Diarrhea, cramps and general discomfort are all signs that you can’t handle the stuff. The simplest way of dealing with foods that hurt you is to simply not eat them. Duh!

If you aren’t getting enough fats in your diet, you should turn away from milk and try something like ghee. It has next to zero lactose and makes for a great cooking oil.

On a more serious, and perhaps dire note, milk contains betacellulin, a supposed cancer causing growth related protein that promtes growth in baby cows. While the evidence to support milk’s pro-cancer initiatives is fairly strong, full fat milk also contains fats that reduce the supposed cancer causing effects of milk. It appears then that milk fights its own problems. These fats (CLA) inhibit the cell growth of breast cancer cells. Unfortunately for us, there isn’t really sufficient evidence that milk has bad neither good nutritional due to poorly conducted studies. However, it is clear that full fat, or full cream milk is far better for the body than any of the reduced fat or fat free variants.

While this is certainly a short article, it outlines how the paleo diet can help you manage or beat your milk allergy through diet. Take a moment and check out the 7 Step Paleo Diet Fast Start Guide, it’s free and will get you going on the paleo diet quickly and effectively.

Keep well,