Paleo Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to combine several foods together in a very body-friendly way. Your body naturally likes to extract nutrients from liquids, and because smoothies are consumed cold, they help burn fat and calories because your body has to warm them up before they can be digested. Just because you are paleo, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a paleo smoothie. Most “normal” smoothies are actually quite heavy in sugar and milk, both no-no foods according to the paleo paradigm. Below, I’ve compiled a list of three great but simple smoothies for you to try out. Try them at different times of the day and see how they make you feel! Enjoy!

Paleo Smoothie

Here is are some great smoothie recipes to try out!


Coconut, Strawberries and Pumpkin Smoothie

  • 3/4 cup of cool water
  • 3/4 cup of canned pumpkin. If you can though, use fresh pumpkin.
  • A handful of frozen strawberries. To be honest, you could probably use other berries too! 🙂
  • Coconut oil, make sure it’s liquid and around 2 tablespoons.
To make sure the smoothie actually comes out right blend the the ingredients together without the coconut oil, then add it in afterwards and blend again. Enjoy!


Coconut, Berries And Raw Egg Smoothie

  • One whole can of coconut cream
  • Any fruit, but frozen fruits like berries work particularly well.
  • Two whole raw eggs. Heaps of protein, and the kick in protein will promote fat loss.
  • Some options for additional flavour: Nut butter (any kind). May improve the texture of the smoothie, or add some vanilla extract.
This is great for an “as you wake up” protein boost. Protein early in the morning promotes fat loss. In fact, if there is any modification to your diet that you do, eat protein within 30 minutes of waking up.


High Protein Chocolate, Avocado and Coconut Smoothie

  • The recommended servings size of your select protein powder. Depending on consistency you may want to increase or lower the serving size of protein powder.
  • A handful of frozen berries or fruit
  • 1/4 cup of avocado
  • Coconut oil, about one tablespoon
  • Either add almond milk or water, it’s your choice. The protein powder is already going to thicken the smoothie.
This is also a good breakfast smoothie option, but I’ve made it dinner before and it was fantastic. This one is probably my favourite on this list .
Go and make your smoothies now! In order to fully enjoy making and enjoying your paleo smoothies I’d recommend either getting an actual smoothie machine or perhaps a juicer. Normal food processors can do the job as well, but smoothie machines have nice adapters and tend to get the consistency of everything just right.