Grok: Who was he?

Who is/was Grok?

The simple answer is that he is, or rather was us. He used to wake up in the morning and have a good stretch while greeting the morning sun. He used to rile up his family and go for a morning run to gather food and water and he used to go on hunts with his friends to get some meat for dinner.

Do you see the similarities?

There are some, definitely, but there are also quite a few differences. Grok never had to worry about money, but he did have to worry about food sources, sustainability and health. We can wake up in the morning and greet the morning sun, hug our family members and even go on food gathering adventures, but we certainly don’t have to fight for our food or spend hours chasing down animals to eat. Additionally, Grok probably never encountered the convenience of gathering beef. Cows wouldn’t exactly be hard to hunt.

We don’t even have to do the hard work when we get our foods. Grok would have had to do everything, from harvesting to storage and distribution. Obviously everything would have been on a much smaller scale, but the point is that there was no convenience to be heard of. If Grok was hungry, Grok would have had to have gone out and fed himself.

Grok would have had to have run, jump, sprint and do pull ups like it was nothing in order to survive. He definitely didn’t have to sit in front of computers all day and worry about making money to buy his food, but he would have to evade dangerous animals and find places to shelter from storms. He’d have had to make tools from things he found around so that he could make spears to kill animals, control fire and ensure that he could keep his people happy.

Grok would also have to worry about getting sick as way back before the times of agriculture and medicine getting ill would almost certainly mean certain death. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about much of what Grok had to when he was alive.

Having said that however, Grok would have been in near perfect health. He had evolved with his diet, he had been physically active his entire life and he was stronger than most of us will ever be today. He could sprint, jump, climb and lift. He was nimble and athletic. He wouldn’t have to worry about cholesterol issues, diabetes or excess body fat. Everything worked like a well oiled machine.

How you can be more like Grok

This is a great video on how to be more Grok in your life…

The issue most modern humans have today is that our lifestyles have moved so far away from what our bodies are. We are social creatures who like to touch, run, jump and laugh. We try to mitigate emotional and mental stress where possible but seem to lose the fight all too often. Our bodies love physical stress but we leave them starved and wonder why they give out on us one day.

We are built to feed when we need to, not when we want to. Our bodies love good nutrition and hate bad nutrition, yet as a result of big industry and social conditioning we are robbed of automatic good health.

We need to move more, eat more high quality food and ditch the toxic stuff as soon as we can.

Try and walk barefoot more, eat more raw, natural foods and learn to think like Grok had to. What is my next meal going to be? Where is it going to come from? How am I going to get it?

Try and live in the moment a little more.

Here’s a great article on Grok by Mark Sisson