How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight

How Many Calories Should I Eat To Lose Weight

Understanding calories

Calories actually shouldn’t be your area of focus to lose weight. 

Yes, you read that right.

Calories are not the answer when it comes to weight loss. The media and society in general have unfortunately led you astray.

The truth about weight loss is that you don’t have to do that much at all to see results. 


Why you don’t need to worry about caloric intake

Calories are basically energy units of foods. These energy units can be found in various sources such as fat, carbohydrates and protein. Each of these foods provide calories for the body and are used for various uses in it.

The key source here is fat. Fat, believe it or not is not your enemy. What you should really be concerned about is what your carbohydrate is and how you can reduce it. Carbohydrate intake has a direct relationship with the rate of weight loss you will experience.

You see, carbohydrates convert to glucose in the body much more readily than other sources of energy. Insulin is released by the body to control blood sugar levels. Insulin is also responsible for moving excess sugar to storage; aka fat. It is important to understand that the reason the body does this is either to prevent blood sugar from skyrocketing, or to store energy (such as fructose from fruit) for later use.

Controlling insulin levels in the body is crucial to both losing body fat and maintaining body fat percentages.

How to control insulin levels

Basically, you should be trying to achieve and maintain a state of automatic fat burning for energy by the body. This state is called ketosis

Ketosis is a state in which the body is in harmony enough to convert to using fat as its primary energy source. This is the body’s preferred way of operation and will result in automatic, effective and safe weight loss. As you may assume, this process isn’t short term. It is most effective as part of a long term lifestyle change.

That’s right, there is no magic pill for weight loss. The solution is to make the changes that you know you need to make. If you’ don’t know what changes you should be making, don’t worry. I’ve put together a simple, 7 step course which will educate you on what you need to change in your diet right now to see results in as soon as a month from now.

Think about it, if you don’t do anything today, how can expect to see results in future at all?

Once your body is fat adapted, you will have more energy, never have to worry about fat loss again and you’ll also avoid more illness.

After all, why wouldn’t you want to take the easy way out and allow the body to do what it knows how to do?