Paleo Tips: Automating Your Diet For Easy Weight Loss

Sticking to a paleo style diet may seem like a lot of work, and in some cases, it most certainly can be difficult.  

You aren’t here because it’s difficult though, you are here because you want to make a difference, and eating according to the paleo diet will make a difference.  

How? For starters, the diet is more of a lense that you apply over foods and food groups in order to screen out the good and the bad. In many ways, it’s kind of like those kids toys where you have to put different shaped blocks into their corresponding holes. If the food doesn’t fit, it doesn’t get eaten. Simple and incredibly effective.  

Automating The Food Buying Process

This is a psychological trick you have to master in order to be truly effective at controlling what you eat. When you are next at the grocery store make sure that you only buy what you need and not what you want. This is an important lesson in constraint as well as commitment. Humans by nature like the easy way out, and so you can use this method of buying food to your advantage. When you are driving home and are craving that chocolate milkshake  that was just shoved in your face at the store, it’s more of a mission to turn the car around and go back then it is to keep going home. See? It’s really a simple trick on your basic drives.

What you will find happens over time is that you will become more and more decisive in what you buy at the store. You’ll automatically stop buying bad foods, because you have repeated the pattern of not buying them so many times. Bad food and food which isn’t on the paleo foods list will become a blur of excessive sugar and preservatives, and you won’t want to eat those foods ever again. So, you see, this concept is for a lifetime of food choices, not just to lose weight in the short term.

The idea is to drop weight in the form of fat and maintain automatically through food choice alone.  

That may sound like a huge feat, but it isn’t it’s about mastering your body and mind. Dieting is 99% psychological. Trust me, once you’ve learnt to automate your food buying you will have won 80% of the war against bad food and fat loss automatically.  

Paleo Diet Weight Loss: Drop It Automatically

Creating Food Craving Response Triggers

What is a “food craving response trigger”?
Well, it’s a term that I coined after I noticed after I reprogrammed my food buying habits in the grocery store. I noticed that once I was home and a craving surfaced, I would have limited choice to satisfy myself because of my prior food choices made in store. Put simply, because I knew what cravings I might have, I purposefully didn’t buy anything that could satisfy that craving.

Now, you might be asking me what sort of cravings I could have? Well, peanut butter is one of them. Many people experience similar cravings for the stuff, it’s addictive. I stopped buying peanute butter and replaced it with almond nut butter, or at least a no sugar, no salt peanut butter. While peanut butter is a legume, it’s also a great food to eat just before sleep to regulate your blood sugar levels throughout the night.  

So how does this tie in to the response I get from a craving triggering something? Well, the response is how I respond to the craving psychologically, and the trigger is what I do to change the craving. That might sound impossible, but what I have learnt about my body is that even when a craving seems impossible to ignore, it is just a temporary psychological fixation on a certain food. There may be some property of that food that my body needs however, but this is easily dealt with because a body craving is less specific and generally very healthy compared to a psychological craving.

An example of a typical response trigger to a craving I might have is if I suddenly have to have Coca Cola. You would think that this is a craving which can only be satisfied by drinking a glass of Coke, but it can really be nulled simply by drinking a glass of water. The psychological craving is that you want to taste Coke, the body’s craving is that of hydration. You have been conditioned to relate Coke with hydration. Simple really, isn’t it.  

So you can apply the same method to other areas of eating. Chocolate craving?  Try a handful of nuts. Get it?

Now, the other cravings I was referring to are body cravings. These cravings will be far less specific and require less accurate of a treatment. I use treatment very loosely, so please don’t take that as permission to take a supplement to relieve a craving.

These body cravings can be anything from me not being able to think about anything other than meat or vegetables. If I get one of these cravings, I give in to them quickly.


Because the cravings are in line with paleo eating.

Got it? If not, feel free to comment and we can discuss it!

Keep well, eat well!