Guest Post: Grass-Fed Beef and My Paleo Diet

Grass-Fed Beef and My Paleo Diet

Earlier this year I set out to modify the foods I ate to be in line with the Paleo Diet. After some research I found out that it should not have been too hard to change things up, all I had to do was cut as much carbohydrates out of my diet and start focusing on grass-fed beef that was pasture raised. Going beyond that, I had to round my diet out past grass-fed beef to include fish, organic vegetables, some fruit, mushrooms, roots and nuts.

I showed my wife a video on YouTube about the Paleolithic Diet so she’d better understand why I “wanted to eat like a caveman”. She was very supportive of my goal to loose weight (I was only 25 lb. overweight).

I asked my wife that the next time she went to the supermarket to buy pasture raised grass-fed beef, wild atlantic salmon, organic fruits and veggies and as many different nuts that she could find. We already were fungi enthusiasts so that was covered from the start.

Where’s the Beef?

When she came back from the store, she had everything but the meat. I said “where’s the beef?” She told me that our local supermarket was utterly void of grass-fed beef. The only thing available as an alternative was organic beef. I know that organic beef is not the same as grass-fed. Maybe all organic meant was that the cattle ate organic grain and corn from a feedlot. I knew that is not what this diet was all about. We went online and found a ranch that sells grass-fed beef and ordered an assortment of premium steaks. My list of foods was then complete.

Even though my wife couldn’t commit to cutting pasta, milk, bread, pancakes etc from her diet, I did commit and the results were measurable. My commitment to the Paleo Diet was to stick with it for 3 months and see what happened. We ate grass-fed steak the first night and continued eating pasture raised grass-fed meats and wild fish every night after that, it was awesome.

The Results of my Paleo Diet

Not long after I started, I noticed an increased level of energy. I was not sluggish when I woke up in the morning and I was not tired by 5 pm in the evenings like I used to be. Even more than that, bloated belly (I looked pregnant) started to slim down within 1 month after starting. I had to cut new holes in my belt because I was too cheap to buy a new belt. I actually used my belt to chart my progress. By the end I had cut 3 holes in my belt within my 3 month commitment.

It has been 7 months since I first started the diet and I no longer consider it to be temporary. Eating grass-fed beef, wild fish, organic vegetables, nuts and avoiding carbs now feels normal. I do not miss donuts or spaghetti or even refined sugar one bit. I lost the flab and actually feel like I can build muscle faster when eating like a hunter. I would not go back to the old ways if someone paid me.

Richie Coffman is a writer who lives on the front range of Colorado and is also a big supporter of pasture raised grass-fed beef.


Guest Post: The Modern Use of an Ancient Diet

The Modern Use of an Ancient Diet

Despite still feeling young as I entered my forties, I’d been slowly gaining weight over the years. I realized I had to do something to stop that trend. The paleo diet seemed an excellent solution, and a logical one. It makes sense believing that certain foods available in the modern world are not made for bodies that were developed over thousands of years as hunters and gatherers.


A major advantage which drew me into trying the paleolithic diet was that I wouldn’t have to worry about counting calories. I like to eat, and would feel burned on a diet that would limit my food intake. Though I was about 25 pounds overweight, I felt healthy and strong and didn’t want to lose that feeling while I was losing weight. Another plus for me was that the diet encouraged the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Since learning the importance of the high number of veggie servings in a day (I’ve seen suggestions of up to ten!), I had already been incorporating them in my everyday life. I’m a firm believer all those vegetables aid in my health and well-being. However, some foods had to go.

I reluctantly had to eliminate my beloved cereals, but that made it easier to get rid of processed sugar since I only really used it at breakfast. I never drank much soda or sugary drinks so that was easy to quit. I had to stop eating popcorn, which I would snack on several times a week, but that also eliminated my use of oil. I was never big on pasta, though I felt a little concerned at giving up brown rice. I especially like adding raw vegetables to rice, and those dishes really fill me up, so I cheat a little with that grain. Since I indulge myself with the rice, I don’t miss my cornflakes or raisin bran as much. I probably was only drinking about a cup of milk per day before the diet, so I just kept that the same.

I quit eating cheese, but as a life-long milk drinker, I believe the health benefits outweigh any faults in that small amount of dairy. I was able to keep many of the foods I was already enjoying such as poultry and fish. I don’t eat red meat so I didn’t have to concern myself with grass-fed over grain-fed animals. I appreciate the many varieties of nuts, but I had to force myself to cut down on peanut butter. Happily, I started eating eggs again, though I try to limit myself to one a day because of their high cholesterol. With so much food to choose from, I avoided getting bored with my meals and discovered some interesting combinations. Fruit and vinegar are not incompatible in a vegetable salad, fish in an omelette can be quite tasty, and potato salad with olive oil and avocado became one of my favorite side-dishes.

I reached my weight goal within seven months thanks to the paleo diet and exercise. I continue to follow its guidelines, but I don’t consider myself on a “diet”. Instead, I believe I’m utilizing the proper foods to enjoy a healthy life, and a happy one.

About the author

This has been a guest post from one of the webmasters at Australia’s Eat Stop Eat website, if you would like to know more about the program, why not check out the website?