The Caveman Diet Series Episode 3: Caveman Diet Weight Loss

How do you promote weight loss on the caveman/paleo diet?

I use this image often here at PaleoMunch, I feel it portrays what it’s like to live as a modern caveman; confused and improperly fed.

Well, that’s that beauty of the diet as for the most part there are no “catches” you need to deal with when living according to the paleo eating concept. This is due to the fact that you are eating as part of your lifestyle going forward, not as a fad or crash diet. Anyone knows that crash diets are doomed to fail, and doomed to fail pretty quickly too. The sheer nature of forcing your body to perform in a way it was never prepared to have to deal with. 

This means that by eating according to a fad diet which aims at “dropping 900 pounds in 10 seconds” you are hurting your body. Changes in the body are gradual, not rapid, and this may or not suit you or your needs at this present moment. If you are overweight and seeking an easy way to drop 10 pounds, don’t run to the nearest crash diet salesman and expect to actually lose those 10 pounds, because you simply won’t. In fact, in most cases, you will actually pick up weight because you have confused your body so badly. 

That’s right, you’ll get fatter if you diet. That sounds counter intuitive and doesn’t really make sense, but it is how your body functions. The body will gravitate towards it’s “natural” state, and if that state is you feeding yourself high carbohydrate, grain ridden foods, your body is going to have a very confused natural state. You need to get your body back on track and focus on what you want it to be, whether that is to be athletic, stronger or fitter, or just to lose weight and get to a good BMI number. Any one of those are admirable goals, and are totally achievable. You just have to apply a solid lifestyle change and you will be doing half the work required to actually achieve those goals.


Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

So how does the paleo or caveman diet promote effective weight loss? It works well because when you are eating according to the body’s needs and not your taste needs, the body will automatically function as an effective and healthy machine. The equation to lose weight is one of the most simple formulas in the world, and basically would adhere to one of the following scenarios particular to your circumstance:


  • Eat less than you use and maintain a caloric deficit in your diet until you equalise, exercise to promote accelerated metabolism and energy/fat consumption rates.


  • Eat more healthy food and exercise to promote weight gain in the form of healthy muscle.

At Ideal Weight

  • Find and maintain ideal amount of good food intake to promote effective muscle gain and maintenance, while simultaneously ensuring a no-fat gain body.

The three scenarios mentioned above are only effective if you apply their requirements effectively and consistently. The trick to maintaining a nutrition driven healthy body is consistency. Consistency of good food and great nutrition, and consistency of increased amounts of physical activity. The long and the short is that if you aren’t prepared to invest large amounts of effort into changing your body and lifestyle, you probably won’t see much improvement.

The paleo diet works for weight loss because:

  • It prevents you from binging on sugary, high calory or high carbohydrate foods. This takes some time to perfect in your own lifestyle, and you will probably feel some changes in the body as you undergo the change to a low sugar, lower calory and drastically lower carbohydrate diet.
  • You aren’t allowed to eat grains or legumes. The fact that you aren’t going to be eating any grains at all means that you are already dropping your carbohydrate intake substantially, and gluten, which is in grains actually inflames the intestines. So, by removing grains, you are working towards a body which is inflammation free. This is obviously a desired state of being. Legumes, while relatively nutritious, are rich in a lectin, which is a toxin that when consumed in large volumes can produce nutritional deficiencies, and obviously you don’t want that.
  • You will be eating more meat and vegetables. Going back to basics means designing your own diet that will work effectively for you. Forget portion control, calorie counting and worrying about what is printed on the nutrition sticker, the paleo diet ensure weight loss through the understanding of what the body needs and how it uses that nutrition to keep you alive. This may sound simplistic and “easy”, but the challenge is real and you are constantly under assault by bad food, friends eating habits and grocery store gauntlets.

By focusing on changing permanently, you completely null any need to “diet” in the future. This is the kind of mindset you need to adopt. Once you have gone inside your own head and really rewritten your understanding and expectations from nutrition, you’ll see changes in your body that are drastic and impressive, yet at the same time completely understandable and incredibly obvious. 

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