Primal Life

What is primal life?

Well, I think that that is the question that many people ask when they are trying to find out information on what the paleo diet is all about. What does it mean to eat like a caveman? What does it mean when a diet strictly forbids the consumption of grains?

All of these questions can and should be answered so that you can stop looking for what it really means to take on a new lifestyle. Specifically, what it means to take on a new diet lifestyle, where the base of your lifestyle is formed by the food you eat.  You should be investing in your health by investing in the food you eat.

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Primal Eating

Primal eating is just like paleo eating. The basic idea is that you eat for the body. What does that really mean? How do I really eat for the body?  

Eating for the body isn’t as dreary as it may sound. The phrase brings a premise of tasteless, bland foods, and generally makes a person lift their nose. This is most certainly not the case.

Eating like a caveman and enjoying food are one and one. Even though our ancient ancestors probably didn’t make gourmet feasts, they for sure found things that they enjoyed to eat. A good example of this would be fruit.

Fruit wouldn’t have been a commodity, and it would have been highly seasonal. Where we have no problem finding fruit year round, Ugg the caveman would probably have had a hard time collecting enough fruit to feed his family in one go. So how does this translate into eating great tasting food?

Certain foods taste great to us, and others don’t, and there are really two reasons for that. I have discovered through pretty intense diet prototyping, testing and design that foods generally fit into two groups for me now:

  • Foods which I enjoy
  • Foods which I don’t enjoy

That is the beauty of eating for the body. It’s not about eating foods that are bad for your body, it’s about eating what you enjoy, because you are always eating for the body.  

And that is basically that. Eat for the body and you will always enjoy what you eat. It is simple, repeatable and easy to integrate into your life when you get down to the nuts and bolts of what the body requires in order to function effectively.

The Primal Diet

Haven’t we discussed this already?

Yes and no, and I’ll get into that now.

Primal/paleo eating, can be looked at simply as how you eat. Do you eat your foods raw? With the shell on? Where do you get the food stuff from?

The primal/paleo diet can be looked at from a holistic perspective, where you take into account what it is you are eating. Do you eat lean meats? Do you follow strict no-grain policies? Do you experiment with the addition of so-so foods such as legumes?  

If you approach the lifestyle that is paleo/primal eating, you should keep in mind that with any diet, it’s not so much a simple process of deciding what to eat. It’s about what you need to eat, and then what you want to eat. In each food group, there are a multitude of options to choose from. Sometimes this may get stressful and overwhelming, especially if you crave diversity. The paleo diet takes care of a large amount of this decision making for you as you must eat within the diet’s constraints.

This works for you, not against you. You want that doughnut? Normal diets would urge you to consider the  caloric  content, the paleo diet flat out says no. Do you see what I’m getting at?

See all those veggies you are craving? Normal diet’s may advise one cup here, another cup there, paleo says go for it, eat until you can’t move, as long as it’s good food.  

Primal Food

So we get onto the discussion of food. Food. What a great word. Food means so much in our lives I think that sometimes it’s not given enough thought and respect.

The phrase “You are what you eat” is pretty solid advice, you should eat the way your body needs you to eat. If you consider what you “know” as being healthy food, perhaps consider that what you know is incorrect and outdated.  

primal life, primal eating, the primal diet, primal food
I love this picture, look at how good that is! Mmm mm!

When you are next standing in your supermarket, keep in mind the all important list of paleo safe foods. Basically, anything that is white or can be white is out, barring a few exceptions such as  cauliflower. You can read about what is and isn’t good in one of my previous articles.  

The bottom line when it comes to living according to the paleo life is that it all begins with self-discipline, a powerful desire to change, and the commitment to make it a lasting change. It must be a lasting change to be effective. It must be your lifestyle.  

If you are going to change, change well and strong. Do it for the right reasons, like for your health.  

Welcoming you to health and positive life change,