Why We Should Eat Like Our Ancestors Did

Why We Should Eat Like Our Ancestors Did

When it comes to the food in today’s world, there are so many choices available that it can be really difficult to know which foods are good for you and which aren’t. It wasn’t long ago when food choices were much more basic, with meats and fruits and vegetables and legumes and grains being the foundation, and accordingly these food selections made up most of our main meals.

Our Food System Has Changed

It was about 60 years ago when our food system began to change. Women began to work out of the home, which sent a message to food manufacturers that maybe they could do something to help make the lives of these women a bit easier. From this realization, food companies began to make pre-made foods such as TV dinners and canned soups. Due to the popularity of these premade foods, food companies began to create more ‘convenience foods’, like those prepackaged donuts and cinnamon rolls that are so easy to grab and go. Unfortunately, in order to make these foods last as long as they possibly could, preservatives and additives were included into the mix. It’s amazing that the idea of keeping these premade foods healthy was not even on the table. Only until the past few years or so has the food revolution begun to take place, which can be attributed to all the diseases and general unhealthiness that so many people are experiencing nowadays. Finally! The light is being shined on the topic of food and people are beginning to slowly jump on board with the idea that they need to eat healthy if they want to be and feel good.

Why We Should Eat Like Our Ancestors Did

Eating like our ancestors really amounts to eating clean and nutritious foods, and not the ‘food’ that some companies are selling nowadays. That’s why the Paleo Diet is such a great idea – because it includes a list of healthy and natural foods that you can easily follow. Since our ancestors weren’t able to stop off at the corner market they had to either hunt or harvest their food. The Paleo Diet Plan includes lots of great choices, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. The Paleo Diet Plan will not only have you feeling so much (better because you’re eating clean food), if you have any physical issues you just might be surprised at how much better you’re going to feel after only a few weeks of eating the Paleo way. And if you’re overweight, you will definitely lose some pounds, which will allow you to not only feel better your body will start functioning better, too. Essentially, if you have any health issues – high blood pressure, food allergies and/or intolerances, etc. – you’re going to benefit from eating the Paleo way.

Bottom Line

Our ancestors knew how to find and eat healthy foods, and were much healthier because of it. Health issues for the most part are modern day issues, of which many have been traced to a bad diet. Try eating the Paleo way today if you want to have lots of energy and feel great. This simple way of eating is not a fad and instead should become a way of eating for the rest of your life. Imagine eating a diet that’s gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free and legume-free, yet provides you with all the necessary nutrients you need to be healthy. So what are you waiting for?

About the Author:

Laura Foor is a writer with a focus on eating healthy foods and supporting the resources that will allow this to happen. She graduated from UCB with a degree in Conservation & Resource Studies, with an emphasis on Sustainable Agriculture in local communities. She loves writing about a what it takes to build a healthy food system, and loves sharing her love of breakfast with others.

Wheat Allergy: How The Paleo Diet Can Help

As mentioned in yesterday’s post about how the paleo diet helps you deal with milk allergies (lactose allergy, milk protein allergy), the paleo diet can help with almost all food related allergies due its selective food list. Think of the paleo diet as a wheat allergy diet plan. 



How can the paleo diet help a wheat allergy? 

Well, for starters, wheat is a grain, and grains are heavily frowned upon in the paleo diet. That means no bread or anything based on grains, such as corn or rice.

For the most part, wheat intolerance or wheat allergies will be caused by either gluten sensitivity or lectin build up and subsequent inflammation of the intestines. This state of inflammation is what most people on Earth are suffering from. Lectins, which are also in grains and wheat, damage the intestinal walls, which in time allows other proteins to pass through them and continue into the bloodstream etc. This state  of chronic inflammation is difficult to beat without removing the offending foods completely.

Because of modern society’s dependance on grain based foods it is difficult to find foods that are already prepared without gluten and lectins in them. Think pasta, rice and foods like sandwiches. They all are bad for a wheat allergy.

But rice and corn aren’t wheat based?

No, but they are full of offending proteins such as gluten and lectins. If you are looking for a diet that will aid your wheat problems, why not go one step further and deal with all potentially harmful foods?

This is a short post, but its message is fairly complex. For more information on the paleo diet and how it can help your wheat allergy, consider subscribing to receive the 7 Step Paleo Diet Fast Track Guide. 

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Our Ancestors Used To Eat Bark? Apparently so!

Some South African scientists, namely Professor Lee Berger have just announced something very important for the paleo diet movement.

They have managed to study what food particles existed in our ancestor’s skulls successfully! What does this mean for paleo?

Well for starters, we can learn exactly what we were eating all those years ago.

 “He said the team found the couple were eating fruits and seeds but also something completely unexpected.”

That’s pretty interesting! It can be assumed that these people must have died in a season where fruits where abundant, or perhaps there was some sort of stockpiling going on? What’s even more interesting is that they were found to have eaten large amounts of tree bark. Bark? As in tree-skin? Yup! Does this mean soon we’ll be adding tree bark to the paleo diet? haha!

How about some bark?

This is certainly an interesting discovery and will no doubt pave the way for much more research into what our actual palaeolithic ancestor’s diet consisted of. 

A link to the article can be found by clicking here!

Paleo Meal Plans

The Paleo diet is one of the most effective, so far, in being able to include natural ingredients in the paleo meals. It is a hit among the health buffs, though some believe that a modified paleo diet is better. In the aspect of fitness, the paleo diet sees to it that every nutrient shall have equal apportionment; though some of the important nutrients were eliminated, namely carbohydrates and fibre. Then again, the benefits still outweighs the risks.

The Paleo diet is one of the most effective, so far, in being able to include natural ingredients in the paleo meals. It is a hit among the health buffs, though some believe that a modified paleo diet is better. In the aspect of fitness, the paleo diet sees to it that every nutrient shall have equal apportionment; though some of the important nutrients were eliminated, namely carbohydrates and fibre. Then again, the benefits still outweighs the risks.


The paleo plan provides for 4 meals a day, every single day. The main focus is in being able to provide meals that are easy to prepare and can be readily available within a few minutes without having to compromise the quality. The weekday meals are usually made up of recurring items to make it easier for participants to prepare their food, and won’t necessarily need to think of new recipes each time they enter the kitchen.

Preparation Days

Sundays are generally recommended as pre-cooking as well as ingredient-preparation days for items that will have to be used throughout the week. Always look at your schedule before subjecting yourself to any planning. If your off days fall on weekends, then you may stick with the Sunday plan. Otherwise, you will have to tailor it according to what will effectively work for you.

Though the food in paleo diet seems so simple and easy to prepare, it will get boring as time goes by if you keep having the same menu over and over again. So, you need to explore the different ways on how to excite your palate at the mere sight of the food prepared in paleo style. There are a lot of food choices to choose from in paleo. The secret, however, still lies in your hand, whether you would have it as food-tastic as it ought to be.

Shopping List

Before doing any shopping, you have to make sure to check your pantry first. You don’t need to buy everything that’s on the list, especially if you already have them in your house like those with long shelf life such as honey and frozen berries. Or if you already have half a dozen eggs in your house, you know you only need to get six to complete the 12 required in the plan. Simple things like that should be taken into consideration to ensure practicality.

Number of people

The plan is generally designed for two individuals involved in the paleo diet. The recipes as well as the shopping list provide guidance with regard to what two average people normally eat. You may, however, make necessary adjustments according to your own specific needs.


Some dinners in the plan are designed to have leftovers for later in the week, so unless otherwise implied, all recipes will be enough for leftovers without alterations or modifications. In instances when a recipe is just enough for two servings, you will be notified to double the preparation in order to have leftovers. Primarily, all the items in the shopping will be appropriate for the amount of food you will need.

Want to find out more about Paleo Meal Plans, then visit Chris Perkins’s site on how to choose the best Paleo Menu for your needs.