Wheat Allergy: How The Paleo Diet Can Help

As mentioned in yesterday’s post about how the paleo diet helps you deal with milk allergies (lactose allergy, milk protein allergy), the paleo diet can help with almost all food related allergies due its selective food list. Think of the paleo diet as a wheat allergy diet plan. 



How can the paleo diet help a wheat allergy? 

Well, for starters, wheat is a grain, and grains are heavily frowned upon in the paleo diet. That means no bread or anything based on grains, such as corn or rice.

For the most part, wheat intolerance or wheat allergies will be caused by either gluten sensitivity or lectin build up and subsequent inflammation of the intestines. This state of inflammation is what most people on Earth are suffering from. Lectins, which are also in grains and wheat, damage the intestinal walls, which in time allows other proteins to pass through them and continue into the bloodstream etc. This state  of chronic inflammation is difficult to beat without removing the offending foods completely.

Because of modern society’s dependance on grain based foods it is difficult to find foods that are already prepared without gluten and lectins in them. Think pasta, rice and foods like sandwiches. They all are bad for a wheat allergy.

But rice and corn aren’t wheat based?

No, but they are full of offending proteins such as gluten and lectins. If you are looking for a diet that will aid your wheat problems, why not go one step further and deal with all potentially harmful foods?

This is a short post, but its message is fairly complex. For more information on the paleo diet and how it can help your wheat allergy, consider subscribing to receive the 7 Step Paleo Diet Fast Track Guide. 

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