My Book: How To Paleo – Lose Weight, Gain Muscle and Avoid Doctors

Hey everyone,

I’ve been pretty busy for last while building my own contribution to the paleo movement. I have researched, understood and organised all the basic principles of paleo and primal eating in the form of an ebook. May I present to you:

In the book, I explore the following:

  • How our ancestors survived and who they were
  • How we have been led astray by societal norms and the very people we thought would help us; doctors
  • How you can resolve the errors you are making in your diet and lifestyle 
  • How to eat for the body, deliciously
  • How to exercise effectively while enjoying every second of it
  • Using natural “hacks” to promote rapid weight loss while increasing and maintaining usable energy
  • How to mitigate and remove stress from your life while incorporating more play
  • What foods to buy, why you should buy them and where you might find them
  • And much more…

When writing How To Paleo, I tried to incorporate as much information into it that was relevant to the wants and needs expressed by you, the reader. I have tried to make the information easy to digest, easy to interpret and really understand, and also easy to action in your life. If it isn’t actionable, it could very well find its way to the back of your skull and be forgotten, so it was important for me to really try and make everything as “turn-key”as possible.

So you’re wondering how you can get yourself a copy?

Well, seeing as though it is in ebook form, you’ll be able to download it pretty soon. For my subscribers, I’ll be running a limited time discount when the book launches (it’s currently just cooling down from all of my editing :P), so be sure to keep an eye out for the launch email, or subscribe if you haven’t already! I firmly believe that How To Paleo will help even those well versed in paleo and primal eating principles and lifestyle design (I’ve even used the book as a point of reference already…). If you are interested in removing bad foods from your diet, promoting healthy, safe and natural weight loss, muscle building and a healthy immune system then How To Paleo is exactly what you are looking for!

So please check back soon for the book launch (It’ll be soon…)where you will be able purchase a copy from within the email (using the limited time discount code), you’ll not only save money, but support paleomunch and help me buy some great grass fed beef…

Keep well! Andrew

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