Our Ancestors Used To Eat Bark? Apparently so!

Some South African scientists, namely Professor Lee Berger have just announced something very important for the paleo diet movement.

They have managed to study what food particles existed in our ancestor’s skulls successfully! What does this mean for paleo?

Well for starters, we can learn exactly what we were eating all those years ago.

 “He said the team found the couple were eating fruits and seeds but also something completely unexpected.”

That’s pretty interesting! It can be assumed that these people must have died in a season where fruits where abundant, or perhaps there was some sort of stockpiling going on? What’s even more interesting is that they were found to have eaten large amounts of tree bark. Bark? As in tree-skin? Yup! Does this mean soon we’ll be adding tree bark to the paleo diet? haha!

How about some bark?

This is certainly an interesting discovery and will no doubt pave the way for much more research into what our actual palaeolithic ancestor’s diet consisted of. 

A link to the article can be found by clicking here!

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