The Caveman Diet Series Episode 1: How To Eat Like A Modern Caveman In A Modern World

First and foremost, is there a  difference  between the cavemen diet and the paleo diet?

In short, no there isn’t, at least not to me. While I think that there may actually be many different “versions” of the paleo diet and what it aims to achieve, there really is only one main channel of knowledge that contributes to you ultimately living and eating according to it’s philosophies.

Philosophies?  Yes… In case you haven’t realised, a diet is near completely based on your psychological ability to handle it’s requirements and laws. Basically, if you can’t decipher a diet’s syntax (set of rules), then you are either being taught the diet by someone who doesn’t fully internalise the diet and it’s psychological requirements, or the diet is of  weak principles.  

Having said that, this article series isn’t necessarily aimed at teaching you what the caveman diet or the paleo diet is all about, but rather it is aimed at providing you with some solutions to problems a  modern day caveman may encounter when interacting with the world and the people in it. This includes people at work and home alike.

The Caveman Diet: Where To Eat

So the first thing you may ask is where to eat as a caveman. This will largely be determined by what sort of food  you enjoy.  If you like meats, eat at steak houses or restaurants which serve a  variety  of meats and are known for offering options like vegetables and salads. I’ve learnt that depending on the establishment, the  concept  of a salad is very different. Ideally, you should get your salad without any weird additions to it, like crutons or salad dressing. This is actually pretty difficult to achieve, as you have to  specifically ask to not have either of those added.  

I’ve also found that eating out at places like family restaurants where burgers, schnitzels and battered foods are the staple order is next to impossible. Places like these generally only offer meals that will  take your paleo principles and shove them in your face.  The menu’s here only offer foods which are encrusted with grains and generally terrible foods cooked in less than ideal ways.  Leave the family vibe restaurants for unhealthy people who will  inevitably  breed unhealthy kids.

The exception to this rule are places which are a little off the grid, such as destination restaurants, you know, the kind that has pools and jungle gyms for the kids to play in and on. These generally offer great paleo OK meals such as lamb and vegetable stews and eisbein  etc.  While you may find yourself having to travel a bit to find these places, the food they serve will at least be good to eat!

How to deal with friends and family chosen venues?

This is a little tricky, because you naturally are obliged to go where they choose. In an ideal world, there would be a great menu with awesome food choices at all of these places, but sadly the world encourages generally terrible eating habits. Most people aren’t aware of what a good diet is,  remember that.  So in some cases you might actually have to  defend your caveman diet  menu choices, and in other, easier scenarios you might actually teach some people about good nutrition.

In general, you can find something to eat on most menus, and where there are some sticky points to every dish, you can ask for those no-no foods to not be included in the meal. This may come across to others as you being a fussy person, and in reality you are because well,  the paleo diet is fussy, so choose simple meals with easy to leave out ingredients.

Some typical paleo destroying family restaurant food.

Dealing with your parent’s or family’s own cooking

This is tricky, and in the past I’ve actually broken code and  just eaten whatever they have made.  This is always going to be a sticky issue, unless you have a chilled out family that doesn’t mind you saying no to what they have made for you.

Some typical family pasta. Pasta is impossible for the paleo diet to cater for!

As the image above describes, pasta will more than likely be enemy number 1. This is difficult to deal with at the best of times, and will probably you require you to cite gluten intolerance in order to not hurt any feelings.

Strategies that might make it easier for you to stick to the caveman diet in a modern world:

  • Eat before you go to someones house who you know  doesn’t eat well or eat paleo
  • Order salads at restaurants or meals with obvious vegetable content
  • Cook for yourself and your family and teach them about what it means to eat for the body
  • Try and enjoy the experimentation with foods

As with all my articles, the ideas I express are completely from my own experience and you might have some better ones! If so, feel free to comment and share!

Keep strong!


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