Why I’ve Been So Quiet – My Book…

Hello everyone,

I know that I have probably given you some reason to doubt me and my dedication to you, the reader as well as PaleoMunch.

For that I appologise.

However, it has all been for a very good reason. I have, as many of you may know, been writing a book on how to live according to paleo principles. What initially started as an idea to keep track of all that I have learned about primal living, the paleo diet and carving a great lifestyle has ultimately turned into some much, much more.

I have called it How To Paleo – Lose Weight, Gain Muscle and Avoid Doctors

Here is what the cover art looks like:

Pretty simple boxart, but then I am quite a minimalist.

The book is around 60 pages, and contains everything from what foods to avoid and why, how to effectively promote natural, hormonal fat burn and how to exercise for maximum effect. It has been a labour of love for coming on close to 4 months now. I have loved researching, constructing and refining it. (Big thanks to my girlfriend for lending her eyes and amazing mind to it’s finer points and structure!)

So let’s get to the chase then, shall we? 

It should be released shortly. I am aiming for a post thanks-giving early December launch. At the moment, I am creating all the sales systems properly so that everything goes smoothly.

PS, for subscribers I’ll be running a 48 hour special on the book, where you’ll get a nice discount code mailed to you on launch day.

I’d really love your support, and if you find yourself plagued by questions about just how you should be applying paleo principles to your life, the book will most certainly help you and give you a great reference for the future.

So, keep your eyes peeled for a launch in the coming next little while.

How To Paleo will help you!

Keep well,

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